Wimbledon High School was founded on Wimbledon Hill Road in 1880 and, over its 140-year history, has grown into the thriving school community we know today. 

A beacon school within the Girls’ Day School Trust, Wimbledon High School unites a high-achieving school, nationally recognised for excellent academic results, with outstanding pastoral care and a rich co-curricular programme, nurturing happy and confident girls.


Our vision is to be a leader in girls’ education, promoting an innovative cross-curricular approach that brings learning alive. Our greatest challenge in delivering our vision is the physical setting of the school. Whilst we are very proud of our architectural heritage and our historic position in the heart of the community, we are significantly restricted by the current layout. We believe passionately that the built environment and learning spaces should reflect the educational philosophy of the school.


As part of a long-term strategy to deliver our educational vision, we have now embarked on Project Ex Humilibus, re-configuring and building space to enhance Wimbledon High School for all. 


Delivering innovative STEAM facilities for all

Public exams and the curriculum drive so much of our teaching and yet we know that deeper understanding comes when subjects interact. In the Junior School, creative themes open up questions through a journey of discovery that tap into our pupils’ imagination. In a similar vein, our new prototype STEAM room brings together STEM subjects and the arts in their widest sense, developing a spirit of inquiry and the skills of independent research.

Maximising our communal spaces

Our current dining and assembly spaces currently do not accommodate all our girls in an effective way. The investment in communal spaces will provide more flexibility as we build our timetable and give girls the chance to enjoy an extended number of co-curricular opportunities.

An inspiring and appropriate space to learn

Our Sixth Form continues to thrive, with students going on to study a variety of prestigious and innovative courses in Higher Education, and into a range of jobs and careers beyond.


Sixth Form House has provided sanctuary for our students for many years, but now falls physically short of providing an appropriate space to bridge school and university life. By creating a dedicated Sixth Form Centre, we will be able to offer students an inspiring, sophisticated, appropriate and independent space, as well as competing with our competitors with ‘perks’ such as a gym and café.

Modern, flexible teaching and study space at the heart of the development

With the majority of our current classrooms based in early 20th century buildings and centered on a 19th century didactic model of education, we desperately need more flexible, modern and inspiring learning spaces. This will allow us to realise our educational vision and offer girls the opportunity to learn independently, engage with research, inquiry, debate, draw exciting links within and between subject areas and operate as confident, imaginative and flexible learners of the 21st century.