What we have achieved so far 


When we launched our transformational building programme - Project Ex Humilibus - it was the current layout of our estate, the pressure on communal spaces and the condition of some of our key buildings that drove the need for investment and change.


Now in 2021, much has been achieved. We have a new dining hall where as a community we can come together after so much time apart. Our new STEAM Tower is already having a huge impact on the way we learn and the development of our STEAM+ agenda. We know that problem solving, resilience, creativity, adaptability and design thinking are going to be highly valued skills for the workforce of the future and these are exactly what our STEAM approach to learning is enabling our girls to develop.

The potential for our new buildings to enable more meaningful partnership activities was already evident. However, events over the last year have caused us to reflect on our strategic priorities and how we can support our local community with greater ambition for our partnership and bursary programmes. We hope this resonates with you and feels like the right approach going forward

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