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Once the new spaces are complete in September 2022, we want to launch a new look partnership programme known as CORE, innovative and bold in its reach and impact. CORE will represent both a programme that will be at the “core” of the life of the school but also links with our symbol, the apple. 

We plan to create a community hub based in our new Sixth Form House which sits at the very heart of both our locality and also our strategy over the coming years – one which will enable our girls to truly connect with their wider community whilst allowing us to provide our expertise and support to those around us in a meaningful way.

In our new auditorium we will run a creative arts project for year 6 children with local primary school partners using our expertise and facilities to ensure creativity through the arts is possible for all.

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Supporting our wider community 

In the Borough of Merton, 19% of children live in poverty with stark inequalities in the borough between deprived wards in the east (Mitcham) and the more affluent wards in the west (Wimbledon). We believe, in our role as educators, we have a responsibility to teach our girls about the society they are living in and equip them with the skills to make a difference. As we move into the final phase of our build, it is clear the new spaces we are developing will help us progress our partnership activity more quickly and with greater ambition.

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Jenny Cox,
Director of Partnerships

“It is an absolute joy building such strong partnerships with local primary and secondary schools. Watching the relationships flourish between the students and seeing the confidence and understanding of each other develop is so inspiring. It really feels like we are moving forward as a community together.”

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